Dubai Ramadan
The Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) on Friday releases a list of some major Ramadan festivities in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has curated a list of some of the best ways to observe the fasting month of Ramadan with family and friends.

This is how residents and visitors can make the most of Ramadan festivities.

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding is a must-visit destination during Ramadan in Dubai. This unique centre provides visitors with a chance to experience the traditional Ramadan practices of Dubai, such as Iftar and Suhour, in a welcoming and informative setting. The centre’s knowledgeable staff guide visitors through the customs and traditions of Ramadan, offering a unique perspective on the holiday that is both educational and enlightening.

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Expo City Dubai

This year, Expo City Dubai has arranged unique and special celebrations during Ramadan, with their 50-day long exhibition, ‘Hai Ramadan’. The immersive event will take visitors on an epic journey through the Islamic world, beginning in with a trip through traditional Emirati neighbourhoods, through the Levant region, and then on to North Africa, South Asia and the contemporary Arabian Gulf.

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Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum also offers a unique cultural experience for visitors during Ramadan, featuring interactive exhibits and multimedia displays. During Ramadan, the museum also offers special events and activities that celebrate Emirati culture and traditions.

Residents and visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities during Ramadan in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Family friendly activities

The city offers a variety of outdoor activities that are perfect for families, including evening desert safaris, twilight dhow cruises, and camel rides. With so many options to choose from, families can create unforgettable memories during Ramadan while exploring the city’s stunning natural beauty.

DIFC activities

The Dubai International Financial Centre’s (DIFC) M2L Market is a unique destination for visitors looking for an authentic Ramadan experience in Dubai. Located in the heart of the financial district, the market offers a range of traditional Arabic food, sweets, and beverages that are perfect for Iftar and Suhoor. In addition to the food, visitors can browse through stalls selling local handicrafts, souvenirs, and gifts. The market also features traditional Ramadan activities such as henna art and falconry shows.

Global village rush
Global Village offers visitors an immersive experience of the holy month, with a variety of activities and events. Image Credit: Supplied

Global Village

Global Village Dubai is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike during Ramadan. This multicultural festival park brings together the best of the world’s cultures, with pavilions representing different countries and regions. During Ramadan, Global Village offers visitors an immersive experience of the holy month, with a variety of activities and events that celebrate the traditions and culture of the UAE and the wider Arab world.

Cultural activities

Families can participate in a variety of cultural activities throughout the city during this special month. These include visiting some of Dubai’s iconic souks, where people can enjoy festive food, sweets, and decorations. The city also hosts several events and festivals during Ramadan, such as the Ramadan Night Market, which showcases the best of local arts and crafts. Children, parents and friends can participate in various educational and thrilling activities such as henna painting, calligraphy workshops, and Islamic arts and crafts. Overall, Ramadan in Dubai offers a unique and culturally rich experience for families to come together and celebrate the spirit of this special time.

Dubai Opera

There is Iftar at the Dubai Opera which is a unique dining experience in itself. The Dubai Opera provides a stunning backdrop a traditional Arabic buffet with a modern twist. The Iftar at Dubai Opera also includes live entertainment, such as traditional Arabic music and dance performances, creating a festive atmosphere for guests.