The General Postal Authority (GPA) announced today a new identity, vision and renewed commitment to serve.

The GPA's new identity begins with a new name - Emirates Post - which officials say will be accompanied by a series of other changes and a host of new services, technologies and systems.

The service also has a new corporate logo which features a flying falcon - a symbol of the tradition and heritage of the UAE.

Director-General Abdullah Ibrahim Al Daboos said, "Our new name, Emirates Post, reflects what we have grown into. Our new corporate identity further illustrates and exemplifies this change. With new technology, products and enhanced service, we firmly believe that we have built the basis for a world class postal service."

New technology will include some of the world's most advanced, which will facilitate mail reading and sorting up to 40 times faster than at present.

"To match this major infrastructural advancement, Emirates Post will be significantly improving time-saving services like Express Mail and EMS mail tracking and tracing services, and include new and innovative services such as electronic notification of received mail," he said.

"These major infrastructural improvements will all be geared to shortening the response time from receiving, to delivering mail speedily and efficiently between the extensive network of 66 post offices coast to coast across the UAE."

Al Daboos said high standards and enhanced customer service will be developed through staff training courses at the Emirates Post Training Centre.

"These will be geared toward familiarising staff with new techniques and equipment and advanced customer service training," he added.