The woman who died was travelling in one of the hit by the four-wheel drive. Image Credit: Karen Dias/Gulf News

Dubai: One woman was killed and three people seriously injured in a pile-up of six cars which burst into flames within minutes of the crash.

Petrol leaked from the crashed cars, which burst into flames minutes after the accident on Al Sufouh Road close to Dubai College.

Major Omar Ashoor, Director of the Traffic Accidents Department of Dubai Police, said the accident happened at around 4pm when a speeding white four wheel drive vehicle was about to stop at a traffic signal that was about to turn red.

The vehicle's tyre burst and due to the speed, the car crashed into five other cars, he said. Five of the six cars were completely burnt. Passers-by pulled people from the vehicles before they burst into flames.

Maj Ashoor said police were investigating the accident. "I advise the public to check their vehicles before driving as they are risking their lives and others," he said

A person whose car was hit from the back said he was lucky to survive.

"Luckily I managed to get out of the car. I spotted fire coming out from one of the vehicles. We managed to release a family with at least four children from their vehicle," said Owen Bennett, a motorist.

Bennett, along with Abdul Kalam Azad, who was on his motorbike on the opposite side, said they pulled free an Asian woman who was lying motionless inside the vehicle. "The heat was so intense it was difficult to open the car," said Bennett.

Azad, aged 32, a delivery man, said he managed to pull the woman's body out before the vehicle burst into fumes. She died of her injuries.

The three injured were taken to Rashid Hospital. The motorist who caused the accident suffered minor injuries was taken to Bur Dubai police station.