Amnesty seekers at the Al Aweer Federal Authority for identity and citizenship on the first day of amnesty. 1st August 2018. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: No more extension for amnesty seekers in the country as November 30 will be the last day for the amnesty for illegal residents in the country, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship told Gulf News.

From December 1, the authorities will launch extensive inspection campaigns across the country and those who are found residing illegally will be dealt as per the laws of the country.

The authority announced the amnesty for three months from August 1 to October 31 and extended it for a month until November 30 to facilitate residents to rectify their residency status to stay in the country legally or leave without paying any fines or facing prosecutions for their unauthorised stay in the country.

So far, thousands of amnesty seekers across the country benefited from the initiative as the authority opened amnesty-seekers centres in all emirates to welcome them and process their requests.