Reena Chauhan Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Indian Consulate has helped process 100 exit passes and at least 70 individuals have already exited the country, said a representative of the mission on Monday.

Reena Chauhan of Indian Consulate works at the help desk at the centre for amnesty seekers set up by General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Al Aweer.

Chauhan told Gulf News that financially strapped Indian expatriates were being helped by the consulate in every possible way.

“The fines for those who come here range from Dh220 to Dh740. Absconders have to pay a fine of Dh220 but once that is done they have to pay Dh520 for removal of ‘absconder’ from their file which makes it a total of Dh740.”

Chauhan said that so far, most people who came here had funds to pay their fines. “In some cases, needy Indian expats are provided assistance. We have also arranged air tickets for people who are unable to afford it, we decide these things on case-by-case basis.”

Out of the 100 cases processed so far, Chauhan said, a majority were those who were working on visit visas. “People pay money to get some small company to sponsor their visit visa. They keep working on visit visas for a year or two hoping their sponsor will give them an employment visa.

"However in majority of cases when visit visas expire, people look for jobs elsewhere and simply overstay when they are unable to get employment visa. We had a few cases of domestic helps who had absconded but most cases were those of who overstayed after expiry of visit visas and a few who stayed back after expiry of employment visas. There were no infiltrators among Indian expatriates,” she said.

Chauhan talked about a case of a young divorced mother who has the custody of her child and an exit clearance. “Her former husband lives in Oman and he is still required by law to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) which he has refused to give. The woman is stuck with her child and is very keen to return to India.


Tip from Indian Consulate

■ People seeking to exit the country need to visit Al Aweer centre in Dubai with their passport.

■ If they do not have the passport which may be with their sponsor or lost or expired they can go to the consulate first and get a valid travel document

■ The exit pass is given to people who have clear records. In case, they are absconders, they have to pay a fine ranging between Dh220 Dh550 and clear their record.

■ If they wish to stay back and want their status regularised they can do so by paying fine and going to a nearby Amer Centre.

■ People seeking an exit pass are advised to carry an air ticket with a departure date of 10 to 15 days ahead as exit passes are given with dates 10 days later.

■ After the expiry of 10 days, the individual has 21 days grace period to leave the country. Therefore air tickets must be dated a minimum of 10 days later.

■ The Department of Non Resident Keralite Affairs is providing free air tickets to needy Keralites. People can write to krishnank299@gmail.com for help.

■ For general amnesty assistance, Indian expatriates can call in helpline 056-5463903 from 8am to 9.30pm