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I have been noticing a problem which I think should be highlighted in a community report.

My issue is with the "designated smoking area" in shopping malls. The entrance from the parking lots to the malls is often dotted with smokers, who fill up the air with exhaled smoke and endanger passers-by.

The designated area is in a place where [it affects everyone], including women and children. Often, this location is either not adequately ventilated or not ventilated at all, and the low roofs of the parking areas prevent the exhaled smoke from rising up in the air.

Passive smoking

Thus, the exhaled smoke and its smell lingers in the area for a long period of time.

Most importantly, this smoke endangers the health of passers-by due to the passive smoking effect.

There are several suggested remedial actions:

• Relocate the designated smoking area to a secluded place, away from the exit and entrance gates, so that it does not affect non-smokers.

• Build a glass wall around the smoking area to contain the smoke.

• Install heavy-duty smoke suckers, to trap the exhaled smoke. This would prevent others from inhaling exhaled smoke.

— The reader is a business analyst, in Dubai.

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