The number of visitors to the Modhesh Fun City has increased by 19 per cent over last year to 185,512, said Saeed Al Naboudah, CEO of Dubai Summer Surprises.

The rise in the number of visitors is set to continue as the Modhesh Fun City (MFC) hosts a Safari Adventure that allows visitors to enjoy the wonders of nature.

The indoor safari, which is the first activity organised by the Dubai Real Estate Department, will take visitors through deserts and mountains to see various animals and rare reptiles and birds.

The tour allows visitors to walk along lakes, watch fish and marine life and visit the Safari Bazaar where all types of pets, birds and fish are on display along with all the requirements for the proper care of pets.

"The participation of the Dubai Real Estate through an exciting event like the Safari Adventure reflects the great creative potential of the country's youth.

"The event adds more excitement to the Dubai Summer Surprises 2005, which has become a key part of Dubai economic, tourism and entertainment activities according to the strategic directives of the Dubai Government," Al Naboudah said.

The Safari adventure, which begins on August 2 and continues until September 3, aims to instill a love for nature in children and educate them about the importance of preserving nature.