Dr Suchita Mehrishi, Specialist - Gynecology , Aster Hospital - Qusais with the first baby born at 12 am midnight today named Ibrahim and mother of the child Ms Ibra Khan. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As the clock struck 12 and the world ushered in the much-awaited 2021, it was raining babies in hospitals. The UAE was no exception as overjoyed parents of different nationalities welcome their bundles of joy and hope.

One of the first babies to enter the world precisely on the dot of 12am was a bonny boy weighing 3.5kg born to Indian expatriates Ibra and Yasser Khan at the Aster Hospital in Dubai’s Qusais. The baby was the firstborn of the couple. He has been named Ibrahim.

Yasser Khan with baby Ibrahim. Image Credit: Supplied

Khan, the elated father, said, “I was very nervous while bringing my wife to hospital for my first child. However, thanks to the team, all my worries changed to happiness when this beautiful baby arrived. Thank you so much for taking care of us and presenting this special gift hamper on New Year”.

Dr Suchita Mehrishi, Speciality Gynaecologist, who conducted the delivery, told Gulf News, “I am happy that my New Year’s night was spent helping a couple welcome their newborn baby at a time when the entire world is looking at 2021 with as a new beginning.”

The second baby to make a dramatic New Year entry was Mohammad Hamdan, born at NMC’s Bareen Hospital, Abu Dhabi at 1.28am. Baby Hamdan was born to Pakistani expatriates, Nighat Ghaffar and Tanweer Ahmad Yousuf under the care of Dr Nazura Siddiqi, Specialist — Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the hospital.

The thrilled father, Yousuf, said, “We are thanking God for such a wonderful blessing of a beautiful baby boy and multiplying our happiness manifold. Am truly grateful to the hospital for wonderful service.”

Michael Davis

Commenting on the happy event, Michael Davis, the NMC Health Care CEO said, “The birth of a baby is a joyful event that brings hope and excitement for the years ahead. While everyone was busy counting down to the New Year, our medical teams were rushing around, working with patients, counting contractions, timing it to ultimately help a smooth delivery. This is the true essence and remarkable decision of the medical profession to whom the world remains grateful for battling the pandemic, sacrificing their own safety and family time.”

Baby boy born to Jency Thomas and Arun Chacko at International Modern Hospital, Dubai-1609495287189
Baby boy born to Jency Thomas and Arun Chacko at International Modern Hospital, Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Then next in line was a baby boy born to Indian expatriates Jency Thomas and Arun Chacko at the International Modern Hospital, Mankhool. The baby, weighing 2.7kg, was born at 1.32am under the care of Dr Meera Anto, consultant gynaecologist at the hospital. Both parents thanked the hospital and expressed great happiness on becoming parents at the stroke of 2021.

Fairusa Tharayil and Sunil Kuttaseri with their baby girl. Image Credit: Supplied

A fourth baby to make its grand entry into this historical New Year was a lovely girl born in the early hours of dawn at 4.28am at Aster Qusais. The baby born to Indian expatriates Fairusa Tharayil and Sunil Kuttaseri. A bonny girl weighing 3.36kg, the second baby of this couple, she was delivered under the care of Dr Fathima Safa, specialist gynaecologist at the hospital. The over joyed father, Kuttaseri said, “We feel blessed to start our New Year with this beautiful baby girl and want to thank the entire hospital staff for their kindness as well thank God for this beautiful gift at the start of the New Year.”

Abu Dhabi babies

In Abu Dhabi, Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children welcomed its first newborn of 2021 at 1:11am. Ahmed Al Yamahi, the lucky Emirati father, sounded delighted at the arrival of his baby girl.

"We are today celebrating both the birth of our child and the new year. We have named our newborn Salama, and she weighed 3.5 kilograms. Baby Salama and my wife are both in good health, thanks to Allah. Waiting for her at home is her three-year-old brother, Jassem," Al Yamahi said.

Al Yamahi with Baby Salama. Image Credit: Supplied

He added that his wife's due date had been January 9. "But it was Allah’s wish that we welcome our daughter today, doubling our celebrations. The hospital's care team has been exceptional during the pandemic. Very strict precautionary measures have been maintained throughout our visits to the hospital and today during the delivery," Al Yamahi added.

The hospital saw seven newborns during the first eight hours of 2021 - two boys and five girls. "Our celebrations at Danat Al Emarat are doubled with our newborns today. In 2020 alone, we have welcomed 5,483 newborns. I am proud of our team of over 200 obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists, midwives and nurses who provide unparalleled care to many of Abu Dhabi’s newborns. We expect to welcome another five babies by end of today," said Dr Mohaymen Abdelghany, chief executive officer at Danat Al Emarat.

The twins born to Khalid Saad and Saada Mohammed Saeed. Image Credit: Supplied

At the NMC Royal Women’s Hospital Abu Dhabi, twin Emirati boys were born to Emirati Khalid Saad and Saada Mohammed Saeed, who is Yemeni. The first baby was born at 9.09am and the second at 9.16am. The couple have an elder child.