Battling for life. Razi Khan Image Credit: Arshad Ali

SHARJAH: A Pakistani engineer in Sharjah is facing a race against time for an expensive life-saving liver transplant.

Al Majaz resident Razi Khan, 35, has been suffering from liver cirrhosis for the past three years, but of late his condition has worsened.

Last week, he had to be rushed to a hospital in Sharjah to drain out nearly 13 litres of abnormal accumulation fluid from his body.

“The doctors have told me that a liver transplant surgery is my only hope now but I can’t afford the expensive procedure which is likely to cost Dh80,000. I have around Dh25,000 but it’s clearly not enough. I am banking on the generosity of UAE residents to help me raise the remaining amount,” said Khan, who earns Dh13,000, a substantial amount of which goes towards his treatment. “I have got a wife and two-year-old son. I don’t want to die so soon,” he said.

Khan’s younger sister Amber Khan, who is trying to garner support for him, said she can’t bear the thought of losing her brother for lack of funds.

“After seeking quotations from various hospitals, we have zeroed in on Global Hospital in Mumbai, India. Besides the expensive surgery, we also need to raise funds towards the travel, accommodation and visa costs. I don’t know where all this money will come from. Please help us,” she said.

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