Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A driver has been killed in a run-over accident as he stopped on the hard shoulder to change flat tyre on Shaikh Zayed road on Saturday morning.

Lt Col Juma Bin Suwaidan, Deputy Director of Traffic Department in Dubai Police, said on Tuesday that the accident occurred at 7:30AM when the driver stopped to change the damaged tyre and a heavy pick-up crashed him from behind.

“He stopped on the side of the road without taking the precaution and safety measures. He died over serious injuries,” Lt Col Bin Suwaidan said.

The driver didn’t put the reflective warning triangle and stopped on the hard shoulder on the highway.

Lt Col Bin Suwaidan, warned from parking on the hard shoulder as it not safe, and urged drivers to move it to a safe place.

“Parking on the hard shoulder is a serious traffic offence resulted serious accidents. Many drivers don’t understand the purpose of the hard shoulder and stopped in non-emergency situations,” he added.

He calls drivers to check their tyres before hitting the roads and to follow safety instructions.