Sharjah: A 26-year-old married Asian man cut off his penis following a dispute with his family members who were forcing him to marry again.

He was rushed to a hospital by his brother, along with the dismembered organ. The incident took place nine days ago.

Dr. Younis Al Shamsi, consultant and head of Urology at Al Qasimi Hospital, who performed the three-hour surgery said that the organ was successfully reattached.

Describing it as a rare case, Dr Al Shamsi said the man, who is recovering at the hospital, was probably suffering from some form of mental illness to have subjected himself to such an act.

Dr Al Shamsi said the incident occurred when the man’s parents were forcing him to marry again despite the fact that he has a wife who is living in his home country.

When the family kept insisting he do so, the man, in a fit of anger, took a knife and cut off his penis.

Initially, the man was reluctant to undergo surgery but agreed after being persuaded by doctors and his brother.

The incident was reported to the Sharjah police and the man is expected to be questioned after he is discharged from the hospital.

Last month, a Vietnamese man cut off the penis of his wife’s lover. Doctors at Bac Giang General Hospital reattached the organ after a 12-hour surgery.