Dubai Police honoured Ali Abdul Raheem, an administrative officer, for returning Dh210,000.
Dubai Police honoured Ali Abdul Raheem, an administrative officer, for returning Dh210,000. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A resident was in luck when his Dh210,000 was found — and returned — by a Dubai Police employee.

Ali Abdul Raheem, an administrative officer, was honoured by Dubai Police on Saturday for returning the missing cash to the Bur Dubai Police Station.

Col. Rashid Al Shehhi, deputy director of Bur Dubai Police Station, thanked the administrative officer for his honesty and good faith for returning the lump sum after stumbling across the cash in an undisclosed part of the city.

The official pointed out that honouring a trustworthy employee comes within the framework of the Dubai Police General Directorate’s keenness to honour its staff and employees in recognition of their positive role in society.

Dubai Police were able to successfully identify the owner and handed over the lost cash.

Report lost items

Residents need not fret when it comes to lost items, assured Dubai Police, as there are many ways to file a report.

Lost items can either be reported at the nearest police station, or through the Dubai Police app or website.

The online service can be used by accessing the “Services” section, selecting “Lost items”, and then clicking on the relevant option, which ranges from lost documents and passports to money, jewellery and mobile phones.

Toll-free number: 901

Alternatively, residents can also contact the toll-free number 901 to report any lost items.

To claim missing items, applicants should first submit a letter of detailing the type of item lost, the place, and date the loss occurred, in addition to a copy of the applicant’s passport.

According to the law, those who find lost items or money must hand it over to police within 48 hours to avoid a penalty.

Most of the missing items in Dubai get lost in taxis or public transport.

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Dubai Taxi returns 70% of lost items during first half of 2019, COURTESY RTA

Last month, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed that it had returned 70 per cent of lost items reported by Dubai taxi users, which amounted to 7,408 cases in the first half of 2019.

Lost items included personal belongings such as electronic devices, mostly mobile phones, as well as documents, passports, gold bars, cheques and cash.

The DTC ensures to fast track the delivery of lost items to clients as it appreciates the importance of such items.

It has, therefore, opened multiple channels enabling taxi riders to report their lost items through either visiting the Customers Happiness Centre at Muhaisina, contacting the Call Centre 800 9090, or via e-mail to