Megha Tony says pets relieving themselves in gravel areas results in unclean and unhealthy surroundings and asks owners to be responsible. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Megha Tony, Gulf News Reader

If we donated some of our valuable time to certain aspects of our surroundings, the rewards we reap would be plentiful.

Obviously, these aspects are not about humans and the reward is not money.

I refer to animals and Nature as a whole and the prize is happiness.

However, such creatures demand a great deal of patience and perseverance.

That is why everyone from experienced environmentalists to nature-loving individuals, veterinarians and pet owners deserves applause!

Especially when the topics of major discussions [in political arenas] are to do with climate change and species extinction, conserving certain breeds of pets without depriving them of their natural habitat is the best service rendered to nature.

In distress

But when such services are done, it surely does not mean that other people living in the same community are put into distress.

Many lazy pet owners in Dubai have found a convenient place for their pets to relieve themselves usually in nearby gravel areas. This results in unclean and unhealthy surroundings. Surprisingly, these pet owners do not even realise that the same areas are constantly being used by many [other people].

Unless such areas are privately owned, this immoral attitude is [inconsiderate] and quite disturbing to others. There is nothing wrong in allowing pets to relieve themselves in open areas, provided that they are sandy and the area is suitably cleaned before leaving.

Finally, while performing a good deed, it is not appreciable to cause an inconvenience to the wider community.

The reader is a grade 12 pupil of Our Own English High School, Dubai.

Have you noticed a similar issue in your community? What do you think is the solution?