Krishi care farms
Satish Kumar Sivan, Consulate General of India, Dubai at the inauguration of Krishi care farms Image Credit: Supplied

In the zeal to contribute to sustainability and promote locally fresh produce, Krishi Care Farms officially marked its presence with a heartwarming opening ceremony on January 20, 2024.

Satish Kumar Sivan, Consulate General of India in Dubai was the chief guest for the opening ceremony.

The event brought together food experts, local residents, dignitaries and agriculture enthusiasts to witness the inaugural steps of what promises to be a thriving hub of green innovation.

Nestled in the heart of Dubai, Krishi Care Farms unfolds as more than just a piece of land; it emerges as a symbol of a renewed commitment to sustainable agriculture where nature and technology comes together.

Attendees were treated to a guided tour of the farm, led by the founder Bhawna Chopra who shared the inspiration behind Krishi Care Farms.

“This is not just a farm; it's a dream realized. Krishi care farms use a holistic farming approach by combining hydroponic technology and open-field farming which is constantly striving to provide an efficient and environmentally responsible approach to agriculture in the UAE climate. Our locally produced vegetables with the idea of farm-to-table, not only slash food miles but also provide fresh nutrient rich food to the residents of UAE that help us contribute to reducing carbon footprint, protect our climate and offer healthy food choices," said Bhawna Chopra, Founder of Krishi Care Farms.

The core ethos of Krishi Care farms revolves around sustainable farming practices.

“With the help of our technology partners, Skyfield Agritech, our greenhouses have been installed with automated systems and latest technology of heat blocking sheets to manage the temperatures effectively in UAE climate”, said Chopra.

The air was filled with the aroma of freshly harvested produce, and visitors had the chance to sample farm-to-table delights prepared by talented chefs using ingredients sourced directly from the farm.

As the sun set that day on the horizon, casting a warm glow over Krishi care farms, the grand unveiling left an enduring impression. Attendees departed with a sense of belonging, inspired by the promise of a sustainable future that Krishi Care Farm is committed to.