10-year-old Emirati student Ahmed Haitham Al Naqbi being honoured by Sharjah Civil Defence officials. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Sharjah Civil Defence Authority, represented by the Civil Defence Department in the Eastern Region, has honoured a 10-year-old Emirati student Ahmed Haitham Al Naqbi for his vigilance and heroic role in saving his life and that of his family members during a fire that broke out in their home last week.

Last Wednesday, Ahmad saved his family from the massive fire that broke out in their residence in Kalba area of Sharjah. The incident took place in the early hours of the day, around 2am.

Ahmed, who woke up to the smell of smoke emanating from his bedroom, immediately alerted his father, Haitham Ahmed Al Naqbi. On inspection, the father found a fire rapidly spreading from the room’s air-conditioning unit, located right above Ahmed’s bed in the children’s room.

Taking quick action, the father evacuated his two younger sons, Nahyan, 9, and Maktoum, 8, from the room. Ahmed, showcasing incredible maturity, assisted his father in ensuring the safety of his younger brothers. Ahmed's mother was also evacuated in time.

The house’s fire alarm system had by then alerted the authorities due to the heavy smoke and flames. Sharjah’s Civil Defence team promptly arrived at the scene, preventing the fire from engulfing the entire house.

Meanwhile, Al Naqbi said he is very proud of his son. Praising his swift action, he said, “Ahmed’s quick thinking saved the lives of his siblings and mother. Just moments after evacuating the children’s room, it was entirely in flames.”

The father highlighted his son’s strong sense of responsibility and leadership qualities, essential traits that Ahmed carries both in personal and public life. Notably, the young hero is also a talented footballer, playing for both the Kalba City Club and the UAE National Football team. Along with his sports achievements, Ahmed is also an outstanding student, constantly striving to outdo his performance.