An Indian expat Venkata (R) and Muahmmed from Pakistan are the latest winners of Mahzooz draw in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Indian expat has won Dh1 million while a Pakistani has got gold coins worth Dh50,000 in the latest Mahzooz lucky draw in Dubai.

Venkata, an Indian expatriate, who is Mahzooz’s 56th millionaire after winning the life-changing Dh1 million in the guaranteed raffle draw, had a remarkable stroke of luck as he has earlier won the third prize of Dh250 after matching three out of five numbers during the 140th draws.

Also, Muhammad from Pakistan, received a glittering reward of Dh50,000 in gold coins, as part of the recently launched 5-week long Golden Summer Draws.

Venkata, who has been residing in the UAE for 13 years, has been leading a modest and hardworking life to support his beloved family including his wife and four children. Venkata works as a porter at one of the popular supermarket chains in the UAE, tirelessly providing for his family. His dedication and perseverance have finally paid off as he received a life-changing phone call from Mahzooz early this week announcing his win.

First time

“This is for sure a moment I have never experienced before. This is the first time in my life that I have won such a substantial amount of money. I am very thankful to Mahzooz and proud of myself for not giving up when I didn’t win the first few times,” he said.

The journey to this life-changing victory for Venkata began almost ten months ago when he decided to participate in the Mahzooz draws, hoping for a chance at fortune.

With his newfound wealth, the lucky winner has thoughtful plans for his family’s future. He intends to use the prize money to pay off his house loan in India, alleviating the burden of financial constraints on his family. Additionally, he dreams of starting his own business.

Other winners

The same draw also saw 2,770 other participants take home around Dh859,000 in prize money split between the second and third prizes while the Pakistani expat Muhammad won Dh50,000 worth of gold coins.