Pure Gold Firoz Merchant success story in the UAE
Firoz Merchant, founder of Pure Gold Jewellers, has helped 175 inmates in Ajman to return home at the end of their prison term. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: The Ajman Police General Command has honoured Firoz Merchant, the founder of Pure Gold Jewellers, for his generous contribution of Dh147,000 to secure air tickets for 175 prison inmates. These men were insolvent inmates of the Punitive and Correctional Institution of Ajman and were unable to purchase air tickets to return to their home countries.

Brigadier General Mubarak Khalfan Al Razi, Director of the Punitive and Correctional Foundation in Ajman thanked Merchant, founder for his generous donation to cover the travel expenses of the released prisoners. In addition, Merchant also donated Dh10,000 to meet their personal needs and Dh2,000 for new Muslims in the group.

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Brigadier Al Razi affirmed that the participation of community members, businessmen and prominent personalities in the emirate in supporting inmates indicated the important role they play in social empowerment. He highlighted that the contribution to help 175 inmates, whose sentences had ended but they did not have the means to buy a ticket to return to their home countries, was a humanitarian gesture. He affirmed that these efforts made a significant contribution towards the inmates’ lives and helped them return to their families and reintegrate into society. He said this also motivates many to accept Islam, which supports them in their journey towards rehabilitation and reform.

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Merchant said he was always happy to help the needy in whatever way he could and hoped that the released prisoners would be able to reunite with their families and lead a life of fulfilment.