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Mr Cricket UAE Anis Sajan giving free tickets to employees for India-Pakistan match in Dubai. Image Credit:

Dubai: A dream will come true for 100 blue collar workers when they will get the opportunity to see the India-Pakistan ICC T20 Cricket World Cup match in Dubai this Sunday, October 24, thanks to Mr Cricket UAE Anis Sajan.

He plans to distribute match tickets among his team of workers, so they can share in the joy of the game. With this initiative, 100 tickets will be given out to blue-collar employees for the India vs Pakistan match, another 100 for Afghanistan vs Pakistan and an additional 100 tickets for India vs A2 (qualifier).

An opportunity for all

From his days of struggle to becoming vice chairman of Danube in the UAE, Sajan has always taken a minute from the storm of responsibilities and commitments to reflect back on his own journey, which started in 1991.

By starting his career with a stipend of Rs1,500 (Dh73.59 approximately), his days of struggle proved worthy, which is also how he came up with this initiative. “The India vs Pakistan match happens only once in four years, whether it is an ICC 2020 game or and ICC 50 game. The last time the two countries met was in the March of 2016 in Kolkata. So the opportunity of watching it [the match] live in action, is a dream come true for all… not only for the big guys, but definitely a lot more for the blue-collar employees.

“When I took this initiative, all I had in mind was to bring a smile on the faces of my workers, especially they work around the clock. With the amount of hard work they do, I feel this is my way of rewarding them in my own little way…”

On receiving the entry ticket, employees will be given a ‘half-day’ off from work. They will also be provided transport and a food packet.

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Mr Cricket UAE Anis Sajan giving free tickets to an employee for India-Pakistan match in Dubai. Image Credit:

An emotion driven by passion

When the pandemic struck, the world had come to a halt – people had to stay within the confines of their homes, frontline employees worked around the clock and the virus claimed more than just lives.

However, Sajan decided to do things differently. “It gave me a lot of opportunities… none of our staff got what you would call a salary slash. My hope to thrive comes from my employees, and if there is determination and hard work, there is always hope.”

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Love for cricket

Sajan’s love for cricket started ever since India won the Cricket World Cup in 1983. Since then, there’s nothing holding him back. “As funny as it sounds, when it’s about cricket, everything else is secondary, and I’ve always been driven by my passion for it. A lot of people have passion, but not everybody is able to live it. I am lucky, I believe… I am able to live it thanks to my brother, my family, Gulf News… it is all because of the people around me who helped me live my passion.”

A special screening will be in place at two Danube showrooms for employees to watch the match live, too. The T20 match will be held for the first time ever at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 25,000 people. All safety protocols will be in place.