Dubai Police said rewarding the honesty comes in line with the force's keenness to strengthen the concept of community partnership

Dubai: Dubai Police recently honoured an Arab national for his honesty as he returned Dh15,000 cash he had found in the jurisdiction area of Al Qusais Police Station.

Brigadier Abdul Halim Muhammad Ahmad Al Hashimi, Acting Director of Al Qusais Police Station, honoured Ibrahim Mohsen Hamad for his honesty and praised his positive response.

Brig Al Hashimi emphasised the importance of the collaboration between the members of the public and police in ensuring the security and happiness of society. He pointed out that rewarding Hamad comes in line with the Dubai Police’s keenness to strengthen the concept of community partnership and social responsibility.

“Dubai Police realises that the cooperation of all segments of society is vital and actively contributes to the force’s efforts in protecting the society and ensuring their happiness,” Brig Al Hasmhi said.

Hamad thanked the Dubai Police for honouring him and added that this honour gives him pride and joy.