Nael Basily at his kitchen in Al Mas Towers, JLT, with his signature dog meals Image Credit: Arshad Ali/XPRESS

Dubai: A dog lover in Dubai is supplying fresh home-cooked meals for pets in order to provide them with an alternative to processed foods.

Egyptian expat Nael Basily, 35, said it was his pet dog’s medical condition that led him to launch the initiative ‘Just Chew’ three weeks ago.

Basily said his six-year old Golden Retriever, Twixy, was diagnosed with cancer last November, and the vets attributed unhealthy diet and lifestyle to be one of the reasons for the ailment.

“Back home in Cairo, I used to cook for my pet every day. But ever since I moved to Dubai two years ago, I began feeding her processed food. Although I relied only premium brands that promised the best nutrition, it was not helping her. So I decided to start cooking for her again and it’s working wonders on her health and looks. The experience inspired me to launch the ‘Just Chew’ venture,” said Basily.

Set menu

He has rented a kitchen in Al Mas Towers, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) to cook the dog meals. “There are 40 pet owners ordering food from me. I have a set menu prepared for all days of the week. I cook two days a week – Sunday and Wednesday. Delivery is done on the same days. I pack food boxes with days of the week marked. Initially I used to do the delivery myself, but now I have a delivery boy,” he explained.

The dishes on his menu include: Chunky Chic (priced between Dh11.99 and Dh24.99) which is a mix of steamed potatoes, carrots and brown rice topped with a boneless chicken leg, eggshell powder and a splash of olive oil; Jerkey Turkey (priced between Dh14.99 and Dh27.99) made of sweet potatoes, zucchini and brown rice topped with Turkey eggshell powder and olive oil.

He also serves a salmon dish – a mix of steamed veggies, brown rice and salmon bites (priced between Dh14.99 and Dh27.99).

“We have a monthly package for Dh150. We are very reasonably priced compared to ready food available. A dry food bag costs around Dh400 and it usually lasts for three weeks. Canned food costs another Dh200 to Dh300.”

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