The new website is available in Arabic and English Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The ‘World’s Coolest Winter’ tourism campaign in the UAE has launched a new website.

The campaign is led by the UAE Government Media Office in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the entities concerned with tourism, culture and heritage in the country.

The new website offers users an interactive experience as it provides information about the most important tourist attractions in each emirate, in both Arabic and English.

The new website comes as a part of the efforts aiming at further supporting domestic tourism as well as to attract tourists from all over the world.

New theme

The third edition of the campaign adopts the theme ‘Our Heritage’ in favour of highlighting the rich Emirati values and culture and its distinct features that include hospitality, tolerance and solidarity.

The website lists the most famous local souqs including the Friday Market and Al Bahar souk in Fujairah, and the Gold souq.

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The campaign’s website provides a map of the famous cycling paths in the country, as well as a number of UAE islands, which are considered among the most beautiful tourist destinations for visitors and tourists, in addition to a guide for places that allow caravan camping and its requirements.

The website also presents a number of locations called the ‘Hidden Gems of the UAE’, such as the “Hatta secret pool” that was named because of its location between high rocky mountains, which makes it a hidden place that individuals can reach only after walking through the mountains. Visitors can sit near the pools, relax, swim, or enjoy fishing.

The campaign’s website also highlights the most famous hiking paths in the country and a number of places that offer unique and fun activities for children.