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Jainul Das is a hospital worker and he ensures that the place is safe and sanitised for staff, patients and others Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Jainul Das, Reem Hussain, Ayman Ali, Wasim Aktham, Joan Isabella, Amish Manikandan and Mohammed Aarif. These names may not ring a bell, but they are working day in and day out — even risking their own lives — to help individuals and families in these challenging times.

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic is a collective effort and they are behind every frontline health-care professional valiantly battling the pandemic. To recognise their work, ACCUMED, a company providing management solutions to the health-care sector in the Middle East, has launched a campaign called ‘Faceless Heroes Initiative’ to put a “spotlight on all the dedicated support staff” everywhere.

“The unsung heroes are the support staff equally risking their lives to keep the health-care industry running despite the tough times. It would be challenging for our brave doctors and nurses to do their best without them. That is why they deserve to receive our appreciation and gratitude. ‘Faceless Heroes’ is a movement to share their true stories with the world, inspire all of us to acknowledge their efforts and thank them for their sacrifices,” Founder and CEO of ACCUMED Dr Ayham Refaat said.

According to him, this pandemic has seen many unsung heroes, but the campaign is specific to those working in the health-care industry — more specifically, the support staff at hospitals, clinics and medical centres. By the end of the campaign, 20 of these heroes will be selected and rewarded. However, it’s not about the money, but the gratitude that counts more, he added.

Nominations can be made on the Faceless Heroes Initiative website. Take a look at some of these valiant fighters:

Hospital worker/janitor

Jainul Das is a hospital worker. He works to ensure the place that is treating COVID-19 patients is safe and sanitised. Having lost a family member to COVID-19, he took it upon himself to ensure the safety of others so those around him could be spared of the pain he went through. He makes sure the floor is mopped; hand railings, lift buttons and frequently-touched areas and objects are sanitised while washroom sinks and bowls are cleaned. He also keeps himself protected by wearing proper protective gear.

Front desk receptionist

Reem Hussain is a front desk receptionist who has set aside her own fear to attend to patients at a private hospital in Dubai.

Reem Hussain Image Credit: Supplied

Front desk executives like her are exposed to infections as they come face to face with all patients who walk in to a health-care facility, without any previous knowledge about the patients’ condition. But she has risked her own safety to help patients in need and to help create a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for patients and their families.

Insurance coordinator

Ayman Ali is an insurance coordinator who took the workload of three colleagues during the height of the pandemic.

His valiant effort is an inspiration to the community of medical encoders, insurance coordinators, pre-approval officers, revenue cycle taskforce and every member of the health information management sector.

Ambulance driver

Wasim Aktham is an ambulance driver who tirelessly devoted long hours to attend to as many calls as possible despite the risk to his own health. His efforts led to doctors being able to save countless lives.

Wasim Akhram Image Credit: Supplied

Lab technician

Joan Isabella worked behind the scenes during the height of the pandemic as a laboratory technician.

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Joan Isabella Image Credit: Supplied

She processed hundreds of medical samples a day. Despite her double shifts and long working hours, Joan provided the most accurate reports, which doctors relied on.

Supply chain manager

As a supply chain manager, Amish Manikandan had to be on site despite the COVID-19 threat to maintain inventory.

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Amish Manikandan Image Credit: Supplied

Instead of letting the fear get the best of him, he was instrumental in procuring safety equipment for his teammates, enabling them to continue fighting the pandemic.

Ward manager

Mohammed Aarif is a ward manager who worked extra shifts in the isolation ward of a hospital, putting his own health at risk.

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Mohammed Aarif Image Credit: Supplied

He played a pivotal role in keeping the hospital functioning in the midst of the pandemic.