Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) yesterday (Tuesday) launched an active employee engagement initiative known as the Virtual Interactive Health Forum, aimed at giving every employee the opportunity to provide their ideas and initiatives for the Dubai Health Strategy.

At a later stage, the authority will also undertake active engagement programmes with the private health sector, health experts and community members in Dubai so that all stakeholders concerned get an opportunity to provide their ideas and feedback as input for the formulation of the Dubai Health Strategy.

“Our aim is to develop a strategy for the Dubai Health Sector that takes into consideration the needs of every stakeholder, the nuances of the health sector in Dubai, and is in line with best international practices,” said Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Health Authority. “In order to effectively cater to the current and future health-care needs of every individual, from the neonate to the elderly, it is imperative that we formulate our strategy after taking into consideration input from all stakeholders and this can be achieved through active stakeholder engagement initiatives,” he added.

In the first phase of the active stakeholder engagement initiative, the authority has invited all DHA employees to provide their ideas and initiatives via an online forum. Employees have until September 16 to register their suggestions.

The online portal has been designed in a manner that all employees can see the initiatives that are posted online and can even ‘like’ the initiatives of their colleagues. This provides a mechanism to gauge the most popular initiatives.

In phase two, the consultation programme will include the private health sector, and in the third phase, the DHA will engage with community members in Dubai. Further announcements on the ongoing progress of the consultation programme and the start date of the next phases will be made in due course.