MoHAP instructed all pharmacies to stop dispensing the products and return them to the supplier. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Getty Images

Dubai: The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) withdrew some pharmaceutical products from the market due to non-compliance with approved specifications.

These drugs — manufactured by UAE-based pharmaceutical companies Julphar and the Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries PSC — were withdrawn after samples of the suspected medicines were tested at the Quality Control Laboratory in Dubai especially as the manufacturer itself voluntarily recalled these drugs. UAE residents are urged to take note of the names of withdrawn drugs.

MoHAP instructed all pharmacies to stop dispensing these products and return them to the supplier, urging all health care practitioners and community members to refrain from using such products if they already in their possession.

Lists of withdrawn medicines

The ministry listed the medicines voluntarily recalled. Julmentin 375 mg is used for treating bacterial infections and lungs, ears and sinuses infections. The next on the list of withdrawn drugs include Mucolyte syrup, which is prescribed for mucous secretions, Butalin 2 and 4 mg tablet for bronchospasm, asthma and pulmonary embolism, and Lipigard 10mg tablet prescribed for treating cholesterol as well as Scopinal syrup, which is used for colon disorders. Another medicine on the withdrawn list is Supraproct, which is prescribed for haemorrhoids and rashes, and Gupisone 20 mg tablet which is used for allergies.

“The manufacturer has already been contacted and instructed to withdraw all batches of ‘Profenal’, which is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic medicine for children, due to nonconformity with the approved specifications in terms of the amount of the active substance, in addition to the existence of insoluble deposits on the top of the product’s bottle wall that does not dissolve by shaking,” the ministry clarified.

Precautionary measure

The ministry stated that the decision to voluntarily withdraw and suspend some pharmaceutical products was no more than a precautionary measure to ensure the health and safety of patients. It also came as part of periodic tests carried out on random products that are examined at the ministry’s national reference laboratory to support the drug system in the country and monitor the quality of medicines being used.

Top priority

“We are closely following up on the withdrawal process and constantly coordinating with various international, regional and local pharmaceutical authorities and companies to keep abreast of any developments related to drug warnings,” the ministry said, affirming that the health and safety of the public is a top priority.

The ministry urged the public to get in touch through email at, the ministry’s website or through the smart app UAE RADR in case they developed any side effects after using the above-mentioned medicines. Those interested to learn about the latest circulars can visit the ministry’s website directly.