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Archive image of a screening during a previous edition of the campaign Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The annual Pink Caravan initiative will return in October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - will free screenings, mobile clinics and awareness programmes about early detection of the disease.

Organised by Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), Pink Caravan calls on the public and private sector as well as members of the community to get involved and contribute to its month-long campaign.

FOCP said breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent malignancy today, and caused more than 685,000 deaths globally in 2020. Aisha Al Mulla, director of FOCP, said: “Corporates and companies are an integral part of the community and they play a pivotal role in improving everybody’s quality of life and health. Fighting breast cancer is one of the health-related causes that is worth supporting, and throughout its long years of success, the Pink Caravan continues to raise awareness, offer early detection examinations and assist cancer patients, thanks to corporate support.”

She added: “Through taking part in those initiatives, corporates and companies show their sense of responsibility, and at the same time contribute to boosting their employees’ confidence and performance. More importantly, they help decrease breast cancer rates and reduce related medical costs. In doing so, those corporations and companies become active partners in building a healthy and prosperous community.”

Participation options

The campaign by FOCP presents various opportunities for companies and corporations to engage and back the cause. One option is to reserve a mobile clinic, which facilitates cost-free breast and cervical cancer intervention daily. Alternatively, businesses can promote women’s health by arranging a Corporate Wellness Day. During this event, Pink Caravan’s clinics will provide mammogram screenings and informative talks on early detection to women, extending these benefits to their female staff.

Pink Caravan extends additional services to companies, encompassing informative sessions led by experts for employees of all genders. These sessions are accompanied by the distribution of awareness pamphlets detailing self-examination procedures. Additionally, the Mini Mobile Clinic initiative offers mammogram screenings and clinical examinations.

Opportunity to volunteer

Aligned with its dedication to promoting the significance of volunteerism among UAE’s community members and recognising the role volunteers play in fulfilling Pink Caravan’s goals, the FOCP invites medical professionals from across the UAE — comprising doctors, nurses, and medical students — to become part of Pink Caravan’s campaign this October.

Shop for a cause

At the ‘Pink Shop’ by FoCP, individuals are presented with the chance to select from an array of Pink Caravan-themed merchandise, which stands as a symbol of solidarity with those impacted by breast cancer. Each dirham spent on purchasing these items through the online store contributes directly to FoCP’s initiatives.