The card is available for all cancer patients in the UAE Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Under the directives of Professor Dr Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cancer Patients Care Association (Rahma), the association concluded a cooperation agreement with the Social Solidarity Fund at the Ministry of Interior to issue the discount card Fazaa for cancer patients.

In a statement, sources from the association told Gulf News: “Cancer has become one of the diseases that can be defeated if the patient is keen to quickly discover it and continues to receive optimal treatment through modern medical methods that are available today in the United Arab Emirates.”

They highlighted “the importance of community solidarity between individuals and institutions in providing the necessary assistance to alleviate the suffering of patients”.

They added: "Rahma appreciates the role of the Social Solidarity Fund management for the Ministry of Interior’s employees in promoting the spirit of solidarity and social solidarity in our society, and expressed the happiness of cancer patients on the occasion of issuing a special Fazaa card for them, which will have a good and great impact on them.

“The association has taken it upon itself to help cancer patients of all nationalities, since it was established in 2015, and affirms its constant keenness to cooperate with governmental and private institutions to provide the best for cancer patients through innovative initiatives in this aspect.”

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Covering needs

An official source from Rahma told Gulf News: “The initiative for the discount card aims to draw a smile on the faces of cancer patients and help them overcome difficulties, financial burdens, and daily needs such as food, drink, clothes, gifts, and even medicines and medical treatment.”

The source added: “The discount card would not be allocated to a specific nationality or a specific group, but rather it would be granted to every resident of the UAE of any nationality or religion who suffers from any type of cancer. The discount card will contribute to helping cancer patients cope with the high prices, especially the prices of necessary consumables, and help them to obtain appropriate and convenient discounts that help them obtain most of their purchases from the local market at reasonable prices.”

How to apply

The source said any cancer patient can apply for the discount card through the Rahma website. They should provide a medical report or an official letter from any hospital that they are a cancer patient and the Society will deliver the card free of any charge.

In a statement, Rahma mentioned that with this cooperation with the administration of Fazaa, all cancer patients, citizens and residents in the country, will be able to obtain a Fazaa card by contacting Rahma Association on 80090 or via pr@rahma.org.ae