Al Hosn App
Al Hosn App Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) on Tuesday announced that Al Hosn App, the official digital platform for coronavirus testing, has been updated to become the national COVID-19 vaccine registry in the UAE.

The app contains all data and information related to COVID-19 doses that have been administered so far and doses available at various vaccination centres across the country, as well as tests conducted and the number of infections, fatalities and recoveries.

The unprecedented initiative has been launched by the authority to officially document all information related to the vaccination process in the country. Data available on Al Hosn app is considered a certified official document, and those who have been vaccinated can download the document proving they received the vaccine.

Al Hosn is the official integrated digital platform for COVID-19 tests in the UAE through which individuals can receive COVID-19 test results on their smartphones.

A total of 103,156 doses of COVID-19 jabs were given in the last 24 hours, bringing the total doses administered to 7,477,881, constituting a rate of 75.61 doses per 100 persons.

The UAE has embraced a preemptive approach in dealing with crises, and was among the first countries in terms of offering free COVID-19 vaccines to all citizens and residents,” said Dr Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesperson for the health sector in the UAE.

She said health authorities are fully aware of the COVID-19 updates and the new variants of the virus, as a national team was set up to monitor the latest changes and follow the situation with regard to the mutated versions of COVID-19.

Researchers found that the mutated variants spread faster and are more infectious, but so far they do not seem more dangerous or cause a higher mortality rate.

Dr. Al Hosani said that the national vaccination campaign continues and health authorities facilitate all procedures for people to get vaccinated. All individuals above the age of 16 are urged to take the vaccine in order to protect themselves, their families and society.