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Dubai Health Authority has introduced a free online self-assessment tool for health professionals Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A free online self-assessment tool for health professionals has been developed by Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector at DHA, said “the self-assessment tool is an important initiative that enables applicants who want to apply for a medical license to check whether they meet all the conditions required to obtain a health professional license to practice medicine in Dubai.” “Professional titles and all licensing requirements are clearly mentioned in line with the standards approved in the country,” noted Dr Al Mulla, adding: “The self-assessment is carried out by the applicant by answering some short questions, and then obtaining the initial evaluation result immediately.”

He continued: “The user needs to select the category of license he is applying for. For example, physician, dentist, nurse and midwife, allied health or traditional complementary and alternative medicine. The service helps applicants, health facilities or investors to ensure the applicant is eligible to obtain the required license without the need to submit any documents.”

Document verification

Al Mulla said DHA has developed another service which supports the health sector in Dubai, known as the Document Verification Service.

The smart electronic service allows the concerned authorities to verify the authenticity of all documents and certificates issued by the authority, through the DHA’s online electronic licensing system known as Sheryan.

DVS includes several documents such as sick leaves approved by the authority, professional licenses, health facility licenses, professional registration certificates, and certificates of good standing.

According to DHA, “the online service is simple to use and the user simply needs to enter the barcode number and the existing PIN code at the bottom of the document and the user will be able to see and verify the identical copy issued by the DHA.”