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When talking about a global health concern, we cannot leave cancer behind! Breast cancer is an intimidating life-threatening condition affecting millions of lives every year. Doctors are continuously working to find a cure for this condition. The recent advancement in technology makes it easier to live a quality life even after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Awareness plays another side role in treating any condition including cancer.

What causes breast cancer?

Dr Fouzia Hussain Pengatteeri, Specialist Gynaecology at Aster Clinic, Karama says the causes behind the development of breast cancer remain an unsolved mystery, and doctors are diligently working to find answers. However, genetic mutations have a major role in the play.

Certain other factors such as age, sex, environmental pollutant exposure, therapies, etc. are known to be risk factors that may lead to the development of breast cancer.

Aster Hospitals and Clinics are dedicated to empowering patients with knowledge about breast cancer while offering comprehensive diagnostic procedures and compassionate care to patients in need.

Comprehending a condition like cancer can be challenging, and Aster is here to help with that. Understanding the types, stages and risk factors plays a crucial part in the treatment process for a patient. Breast Cancer screening and early detection are vital in saving lives. Regular screening such as through mammograms and self-exams, can identify breast cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages.

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Are you a woman struggling with breast cancer?

Dr Ramya Sai Abdusumalli, Specialist General & Laparoscopic Surgery at Aster Hospital Mankhool & Aster Clinic, Bur Dubai says breast cancer is more than just a medical condition, it is a life altering journey. For women diagnosed with breast cancer, physical and emotional challenges become a part of their life.

The physical effects may include discomfort, pain, treatment side effects and regaining strength and normal mobility post-surgery. Meanwhile, the emotional stress that comes can involve a lot of depression and anxiety, feelings of fear and uncertainty and doubts on self-esteem and body image.

The experienced team at Aster Hospitals and Clinics believes in empathising with their patients during the treatment process. They are committed to being the pillars of strength for these women while guiding them through these challenges with compassion and expertise.

Early detection may save lives

Dr Anitha Sophia Biju, Specialist Gynaecology at Aster Clinic, Bur Dubai (AJMC) says breast cancer is a preventable cancer and is one of the most common causes of death in women. It affects both males as well as females. Breast cancer affects women of all age groups starting from 2 years to 99 years.

October is observed as breast cancer awareness month and it is given significant importance because awareness helps with early detection and treatment. Remember! Early prognosis is the key! Women can detect breast cancer themselves by doing a simple breast examination. The two most common screening methods are ultrasound and mammogram, both being non-invasive, affordable, and easily available.

Apart from a family history of cancer, the other factors include a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet practises, obesity, exposure to stress, exposure to harmful radiation, chemicals and pollutants, lack of sleep, intake of harmful drugs, especially long-term use of contraceptives, late childbearing, early menarche, late menopause, extensive use of tobacco and alcohol.

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What is a mammogram?

Dr Shila Waghmare, Specialist Gynaecology at Aster Clinic, Muteena, Deira says a mammogram refers to a low dose x-ray image of the breast tissue. It acts as a very useful tool in diagnosing breast diseases in women. This is because, in women with no symptoms of breast cancer, a mammogram can help diagnose it effectively.

The X-ray image enables experts to look for any disease including tumour that cannot be felt otherwise. Aster Hospitals and Clinics use the best mammogram machinery to help in precise diagnosis.

Personalised care: Expertise meets compassion

Dr Pranay Taori, Specialist Medical Oncology at Aster Hospital, Al Qusais & Mankhool, says our Oncology doctors and other medical team at Aster Hospitals consists of experts who are highly professional in their own field. They believe each patient requires a tailored treatment course as per their body’s needs.

The oncology department ensures to fulfil all the diagnostic and therapy-related procedural needs so that they can be performed within the premises.

The range of breast cancer treatment options is not limited to surgery but extends to other treatment methods. This includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy to perform targeted therapies, all tailored to specific patient needs.

Is there a way to prevent breast cancer?

Dr Nayana Gaba, Specialist Gynaecology at Aster Clinic, Abu Hail says while it is not always possible, several proactive steps may help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. This may include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding smoking, breastfeeding, being aware of family history, regular screening, etc.

The prevention of breast cancer is all about reducing risk factors and being aware of your health.

How to self-examine breast health

Dr Sivaprakash Rathanaswamy, Consultant Oncology Surgery at Aster Hospital, Al Qusais & Mankhool, discusses the process of conducting a self-examination of your breasts.

• Stand or sit straight in front of a mirror with arms relaxed.

• Try to look for any changes in your breast or nipple shape, size, skin depression, nipple or any discharge.

• Raise both arms overhead and repeat the visual check.

• Lie down with a pillow under your left shoulder

• Place the left hand under your head.

• Use the right-hand fingers in gentle circular motions and examine your entire left breast, including the underbust.

• Now allow the left arm to rest beside your body

• Use the flat part of fingers gently but firmly to feel under your armpit.

• Repeat the same process for examining the right breast.

Care at Aster

Aster Hospitals and Clinics try to provide you with the best diagnostics for accurate results. We are well-equipped with modern technology, enabling precise breast cancer diagnoses, for timely treatments.

The moment you enter Aster Hospitals or Clinics, your care is in Aster’s hands. Associated with the top oncologists, gynaecologists, surgeons and a well experienced support team, Aster brings you the best of cancer care.

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