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The main entrace of Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Tawam Hospital is a leading tertiary care institution in the UAE, and is prominently situated in Al Ain, making it one of the UAE's largest and most esteemed medical facilities in the country. Image Credit: SEHA

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), a subsidiary of PureHealth – the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East, has announced that Tawam Hospital has successfully treated a three-year-old boy from Gaza, who was suffering from retinoblastoma tumour, saving his vision and life.

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Retinoblastoma is a cancer that starts in the retina, the very back part of the eye. It is the most common type of eye cancer in children.


The boy underwent a special assessment plan with targeted interventions following medical examinations and advanced diagnostic procedures. This included an eye examination under anaesthesia using a brain and orbit MRI.

The paediatric oncology and ophthalmology teams at Tawam Hospital closely collaborated to treat the boy with systemic chemotherapy while awaiting definitive ocular treatments.

Retina checks

As part of a comprehensive follow-up plan, the boy will require regular eye check-ups to assess his retina under general anaesthesia. The follow-up sessions will serve to monitor his progress and assess the need for potential intraocular and systemic chemotherapy treatments.

Saeed Jaber Al Kuwaiti, Group Chief Executive Officer of SEHA, said: “The success of the complex retinoblastoma tumour management at Tawam Hospital is a testimony of PureHealth’s and SEHA’s commitment to providing world-class, patient-centred care at its facilities.

“The condition required urgent attention, more so given the age of the child and the risks of metastases. The success of the therapeutic approach reinforces the diagnostic and surgical excellence across the SEHA’s network and the dedication of our paediatric oncology and ophthalmology teams.

“Under the leadership of PureHealth, we are committed to deliver the highest standards of healthcare as part of our mission to ensure people’s health and longevity.”


The treatment also reinforces the successful collaboration between the specialists at Tawam Hospital and the patient.

PureHealth, along with its subsidiaries such as SEHA, maintains its pioneering role in healthcare innovation and technology, steadfastly delivering world-class healthcare solutions that enhance the overall well-being of the community.


The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA) is an independent, public joint stock company created to develop the curative activities of the public healthcare system in Abu Dhabi. The company owns and operates all public hospitals and clinics of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. SEHA is a PureHealth asset, the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East.

SEHA operates 14 hospitals with over 3,000 beds, 70 ambulatory care, family care and urgent care centres, and three blood banks.

Its facilities accommodate 117,162 inpatients annually, conducting 43,262 surgeries, and treat more than five million outpatients.

SEHA is one of the largest integrated healthcare providers in the Middle East, with more than 14,000 doctors, nurses, ancillary care, and administrative personnel.