Abu Dhabi: With about seven breast cancer cases detected per thousand individuals, the Breast Cancer Centre in Tawam Hospital continues to promote early breast cancer detection across the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Women over the age of 40 residing in the capital city will be offered free mammography at a medical camp tomorrow and Wednesday, at the Corniche Hospital.

"The number of [detected] breast cancer cases across the UAE is increasing because we're doing more screening, and are detecting more breast cancer cases, which is good, because they are caught early and are cured, as opposed to cases turning up late that we can't cure," Philippa Claytom, Nurse Manager, Breast Cancer Centre, Tawam Hospital, told Gulf News, adding that in 2009, 197 breast cancer cases were reported at Tawam Hospital's Cancer Registry.


The mammography unit is expected to receive 30 appointments each day. "This campaign is part of our formal strategy to help improve community health by making health care more accessible," said Amira Wali, Director of Public Health and Communication, Corniche Hospital.

Teresa Chatfield, Clinical Services Manager, Corniche Hospital, advises women to undergo breast self-examination one week after periods or the same day every month in post-menopausal cases. For clinical breast examinations, those aged 20-39 should visit a medical practitioner or trained nurses every three years, and every year for women above 40 for a mammogram.

"Many of us have naturally lumpy breasts, ranging from tiny hard lumps to large soft lumps, and everything in between," said Chatfield.

"Learn to feel what's normal for you. And normal doesn't necessarily mean exactly the same every day.

"Over the course of your menstrual cycle, your breasts may suddenly become full and a bit painful, or just feel different than they do during the rest of the month, that's normal.

"It's when your breasts don't follow their usual behaviour that you should pay attention," said Chatfield.

Mammography: Appointment needed

- Mammography is by appointment only:

- To make an appointment, women need to visit or ring up Medical Imaging Department on 02-696-5279.

- A passport copy including visa page is required when undergoing the mammogram.

- Anyone unable to get an appointment could get the screening done when the mammography unit returns. They can ask MID to place them on a waiting list.

- All women undergoing screening should receive guidelines regarding results and be made aware that a CD copy of their mammogram is available from the Tawam Hospital breast cancer at a cost of Dh50.

Do you know the symptoms of breast cancer? Would you get a medical check if you detected something?