Dubai: A diagnostic centre in Dubai has received a new and fast heart scanner which reduces radiation exposure to patients by 70 per cent, doctors said.

The Light Speed Volume Computerised Tomography Scanner (VCT-XT) has advanced software and gives multi-slice scanning capabilities where an image of the heart can be captured in seconds.

"VCT-XT scanner is the first accurate technique that maintains optimal image quality while reducing a patient's radiation exposure by up to 70 per cent for diagnostic cardiac scans," said Dr Rami Neemtallah.

The whole procedure takes 45 seconds, compared to the old technique that takes up to two days. Rick Kwasny, manager of the diagnostic centre which purchased the scanner, said it is cost-effective and offers a low risk alternative to a complicated examination.

"My biggest desire is to identify those people who are seemingly well but may have a problem that we will be able to identify.

"They will be able to rectify the problem and live longer .... People like me will come for this because ... it is a simple needle in the arm," Kwasny said.

The old procedure involved introducing a needle in upper thigh and a catheter, a narrow tube, through the needle, until it reaches the heart artery and a dye is injected.

The process takes about 45 minutes, often needs sedation, as well as constant follow up for up to two days. The procedure is costly and painful.

A Gulf News photographer tried the machine as he had risk factors that indicated a possible reason for undergoing the procedure and found it fast and "amazingly advanced".