Dubai: Rashid Hospital doctors removed a rare 33cm tumour from the abdomen of an African expatriate, a surgeon said on Tuesday.

Dr Omar Al Marzouqi, General Surgery Consultant at Rashid Hospital said the expatriate who is in his Twenties was suffering from pain and bloating in his abdomen for more than a month.

“After conducting the needed medical tests we found that he had a large tumour, so we immediately prepped him to enter the operation theatre. The surgery took more than four hours. We were able to successfully extract the growth and test it in the lab, where we found that the patient suffered from a rare intra-abdominal tumour called mesenteric cyst (cavernous type).”

According to international published studies, a mesenteric cyst is a benign intra-abdominal tumour with an incidence of one case per 250,000 hospital admission.

Dr Al Marzouqi said that due to its rarity, the symptoms and causes were largely unknown as such tumours are usually discovered by accident or during an abdominal radiological examination.

“We have come across a few cases of mesenteric cysts at the hospital but we have never seen a tumour this big. It was around 33cm long and 25cm wide. Since he had it for a whole month, it became attached to his colon, small bowel as well as his main arteries and veins, which made the extraction very complicated but with God’s grace we are able to successfully remove it.”

The patient was discharged after two weeks of treatment in good health.