20240430 unstable weather
The National Center of Meteorology noted that the current weather conditions are less severe than previously anticipated. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The Joint Weather and Tropical Assessment Team has organised a series of meetings to evaluate the latest weather developments and their potential impact across the nation to ensure the integration and alignment of national endeavors.

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Chaired by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) and attended by representatives from the Ministry of Interior, the National Center of Meteorology, and other relevant governmental bodies, the meetings focused on enhancing societal safety and minimizing the adverse effects on people and property.

During the discussions, the authority emphasized the importance of activating business continuity plans and maintaining vigilant monitoring and assessment of the weather situation.

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The National Center of Meteorology noted that the current weather conditions are less severe than previously anticipated. From Tuesday to Wednesday, the country is expected to experience the formation of local cumulus clouds, which may bring daytime rain and small hail to the eastern regions, extending to some interior and western areas.

By the weekend, the cloud cover is predicted to decrease, yet there remains a possibility of light to moderate rain, which could intensify in the southern and eastern regions.

In response, the Ministry of Interior said that the Supreme Committee for Internal Security is coordinating closely with the assessment team to monitor ongoing weather developments.

The Ministry has taken proactive measures to support response operations, ensuring the readiness of vital entities and resources in areas likely to be affected by varied intensities of weather conditions.

Highlighting the community's safety and the protection of lives and property as top priorities, the Ministry of Interior urged the public to adhere to safety standards and official directives, and to rely on official sources for information to avoid spreading rumors.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure outlined its preparatory actions, which include ensuring the safety of infrastructure, roads, and dams. The ministry said it is managing 103 dams, barriers, and water lakes across the country, with a total storage capacity of 80 million cubic meters, designed to international safety standards. Advanced systems and modern technologies are employed to enhance dam efficiency, allowing for rapid decision-making during adverse weather conditions.

NCEMA reiterated the importance of public adherence to social responsibility and official instructions. It stressed that the joint assessment team will continue to hold meetings to ensure thorough ongoing evaluation of the situation, particularly as the country recovers from previous adverse weather events.