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Most of the commercial establishments that have been closed down in Dubai were found violating the COVID-19 health and safety measures regarding wearing of face masks and maintaining enough physical distancing. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Six business establishments in Dubai were ordered shut while 37 others were issued stern warnings by Dubai Municipality for breaking COVID-19 precautionary measures, the civic body announced on Tuesday.

Two shisha cafes near Burj Khalifa were closed down due to overcrowding. A laundry in Al Jafiliya and another one in Al Dhagaya were also shut for violating health measures and over poor personal hygiene of the employees. A fitness centre in Al Barsha South was closed for overcrowding, while a massage centre in Al Muteena was also shut down after staff were found not wearing face masks.

The civic body tweeted: “#DubaiMunicipality continues strengthening its inspection campaigns to ensure the commitment to precautionary measures. The total commitment rate reached 98%, and the number of inspection visits reached 2,386. Six establishments were closed, while the number of alerts reached 37.”

More inspections

Meanwhile, the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) has also conducted its own inspections. The DED announced on Monday that a total of ten commercial establishments in Dubai were ordered temporarily shut, 246 were fined and 93 others were issued warnings last month for breaking the COVID-19 health protocol. Most of the violations were related to not wearing face masks and not maintaining adequate physical distancing inside the establishments.

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Dubai authorities have been conducting daily inspections across open markets and commercial establishments in Dubai. They have reiterated that traders and commercial establishments need to strictly follow the health and safety protocol put in place to counter the COVID-19 outbreak.