Instagram post from SEHA detailed the stock increase
Instagram post from SEHA detailed the stock increase Image Credit: Instagram

Abu Dhabi: The emirate of Abu Dhabi’s public health provider has taken extraordinary measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic, including five million swab and testing kits, as well as 5,700 cubic metres of personal protective equipment (PPE).

On its social media channels, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha), said that obtaining and deploying the right resources were essential to fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Securing the right resources has been key in our ability to test and treat COVID-19 patients, and to protect the general public,” the authority said.

“During the pandemic, we acquired nearly 6,000 cubic metres worth of PPEs [like masks, gloves and gowns], some 5,000,000 swab kits and PCR [testing kits], and over 400 ventilators. {We also rapidly developed 24,000 cubic metres of additional storage capacity to house them,” it added.

As public health provider in Abu Dhabi, Seha public health facilities have taken the lead in the diagnosis, care and management of COVID-19 in Abu Dhabi.

Last week, Seha said it had [also] arranged for 10,993 new hospital beds to combat COVID-19. These included 1,289 in quarantine/isolation facilities, 1,200 at Emirates Field Hospital, 1,198 in Mohammad bin Zayed Field Hospital, 1,000 in ADNEC Field Hospital, and 6,306 in facilities handed over to private sector operators.

“Rapidly increasing the capacity for patients has been an integral part of the UAE’s ability to flatten the curve of COVID-19,” it said.

In addition, the health provider has also rolled out multiple COVID-19 screening centres across the UAE since the start of the outbreak, which have provided both drive-through and in-person screenings for people in all walks of life.

Recently, it has been organising live webinars to help families cope with the psychological impacts of the pandemic.