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Francis Nartafeliciano, the last COVID 19 patient Canadian Speciality Hosptial, being discharged after four months. The hospital is now COVID free. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Canadian Speciality Hospital (CSH), Dubai recently honoured its 160 COVID 19 warriors who worked tirelessly during the peak of the pandemic to treat affected patients.

The workers included doctors, nurses, paramedics and logistics staff at the hospital, which discharged its last COVID-19 patient and has been declared free of COVID-19 by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

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The most challenging case at the hospital was that of COVID-19 patient Francis Nartafeliciano, who was in the Intensive Care Unit for 72 days and in hospital for four months. Being on mechanical ventilation for 60 days, Francis suffered a major stroke and had to undergo multiple surgeries for horrific bed sores.

Blood clot in brain

His stroke came about despite all the blood thinners given to him, as a brain CT confirmed a blood clot. A tracheostomy was conducted on Francis to enable him to breathe, as the trauma with severity of the disease resulted in major damage to his lungs. Another tube, placed into his abdomen, provided nutrition while the patient continued in induced coma. After his miraculous recovery, Nartafeliciano was discharged recently. Attaining the COVID-free status, the hospital is now back in full swing in providing elective surgeries and other procedures.

At the ceremony, Dr Yashar Ali, CEO of Canadian Speciality Hospital, said, “We are proud to honour our COVID-19 warriors, who put their lives at risk during the pandemic at our COVID ward. Despite the inherent health risk involved, our front line people did their job at its best. We salute their significant role to make the hospital perform a successful role in containing the virus in the UAE and safeguard the health of residents.”

He added: “Compared to the peak pandemic times, we witness the number of patients coming back to our hospital has increased to avail the necessary care, treatment and surgeries they needed to put on hold in the past few months due to the pandemic. In line with the health authority regulations and guidelines, we have now resumed providing health care services including elective surgeries, diagnostic and treatment services with full capacity,” he added.

The CSH is an acute-cum-critical care referral hospital catering to the tertiary health care needs of the UAE and the region. The hospital has been actively supporting the UAE authorities in containing COVID-19 by providing treatment to hundreds of patients since the disease outbreak in the country.

The event was attended by the hospital’s Chairman Mohammad Rashid Al Falasi, Chief Strategic Officer Gopinath S and other senior leaders and department heads along with Dr Ali, the CEO.

Medical tourism

With the COVID-free status, CSH also now reinstated its medical tourism activities. The hospital plays a major role in the UAE’s health tourism map operating a fully functional department dedicated to international patients since 2006. The hospital offers a variety of packages for people with different needs and resources including orthopaedics, ophthalmology, dental, dermatology, wellness and preventive health check-up and assisted reproductive techniques.