The permit was introduced by Dubai Health Authority at Arab Health in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched the ‘Permit to Practice’ initiative aimed at establishing a flexible environment for medical professionals in the emirate.

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During its presence at the Arab Health Congress and Exhibition 2024, the DHA introduced of the initiative, which plays a proactive role in equipping the healthcare sector to handle emergencies, disasters, and crises. It enables healthcare facilities in the emirate to fulfil their demand for healthcare professionals and access medical expertise in specialised fields through the issuance of temporary permits for practicing the profession. Moreover, it integrates these capabilities into the continuous education process by involving them in medical conferences organised by Dubai and the UAE as a whole.

Valid for three months

Dr Marwan Al Mulla explained the simple process of obtaining the Permit to Practice which can be acquired within a day and remains valid for up to three months. This period enables healthcare professionals to work with healthcare facilities, acquaint themselves with the regulations and standards pertaining to practice within the emirate, and undertake the process of applying for a professional license.

Emphasising the accessibility of this permit, Dr Al Mulla highlighted the seamless application procedure facilitated through the electronic system ‘Sheryan’, wherein the submission is carried out through the account of the medical director of the licensed healthcare facility. Professionals are unable to directly apply for this service.

Additionally, Dr Al Mulla emphasised that securing a permit in a specific speciality does not automatically guarantee obtaining a professional license within the same field at a later stage. The attainment of a professional license in a particular field is contingent upon meeting all specific requirements as outlined in the Unified Professional Qualification Guide.