Abu Dhabi: Details of patients who travel to Abu Dhabi to seek medical care must soon be recorded on the Abu Dhabi Department of Health’s Shafafiya e-portal, the department announced in a statement on Tuesday.

The health care sector regulator said the requirement will become effective from September 2018. The portal is expected to ease record-keeping of details pertaining to medical tourists, including their diagnosis, clinical symptoms, year of initial diagnosis and presence on admission.

“The new protocol is in line with our commitment to providing premium quality of health care services for patients in Abu Dhabi, and to position Abu Dhabi as a leading hub for medical tourism. With a solid health care infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and qualified health professionals, Abu Dhabi is already becoming an attractive medical tourism destination choice for patients from all across the world,” said Dr Asma Al Mannaei, director of health care quality at the department.