Golden Pension Scheme UAE
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Abu Dhabi: The UAE pension law applies to Emiratis working in the federal, local government and private sectors in the UAE, with exception of individuals employed in the private sector and local government in Abu Dhabi, as well as in the local government sector in Sharjah, the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) has clarified.

Revealing its key objectives in 2023 on Tuesday, Dr. Maysa Rashed Ghadeer, Director of GPSSA’s Government Communications Office, said there are currently 95,935 Emirati employees working in 9,082 federal, government and private entities in the UAE, who are insured by GPSSA.

Dr. Maysa Rashed Ghadeer

Raising insurance awareness amongst Emirati employees in the UAE, serving the community with utmost promptness and professionalism, while reinforcing the UAE Pension Authority’s relationship with all its partners, are amongst the key strategic objectives the authority is focusing on this year, she noted.

Dr. Maysa explained that the GPSSA is launching a number of initiatives during 2023 that are consistent with the UAE government’s directives to elevate the quality of life for customers and to ensure their overall happiness and satisfaction. GPSSA plans to accomplish this through continuing to deliver various workshops and external meetings for exchange of information and viewpoints, while receiving feedback and ideas on how to better serve customers. Additionally, the GPSSA will increase its participation in community-related events that offer the opportunity to brainstorm and exchange information, as well as to continue to launch media awareness campaigns and invest in benchmarking best practices in communication, pension and social security.

“Our media awareness campaigns are organised to ensure Emiratis are aware of GPSSA’s scope of work and services, as well as the rights and obligations of insured individuals, pensioners and beneficiaries. Constant reminders to Emirati employees and their entities will continue to be sent the moment they join an entity, as well as the necessity to continue to contribute with the GPSSA in order to secure their social security and pension benefits,” Dr. Maysa said.

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Comprehensive questionnaires

In addition to campaigns, the Government Communications Office measures the level of public awareness through distributing comprehensive questionnaires to its stakeholders, with a total of six sent last year and one due to be sent this month to over 30,000 pensioners and beneficiaries. These surveys support the GPSSA in receiving valuable and productive feedback from customers about its services, thereby understanding whether these services meet the needs of different age groups and categories.

“The first questionnaire we plan to send this year measures the impact of GPSSA’s operations in serving pensioners and beneficiaries. Once we record the results, we plan to analyze the responses we receive and turn them into actionable plans. This correlates with our quest to meet the needs of our customers at all times, while continuing to find ways to improvise, create and service in the best of our capability,” said Dr. Maysa.

Best practices

Meanwhile, GPSSA is a member in various technical committees in the GCC region and internationally, where exchange of information and best practices regionally and globally play a pivotal role in offering the GPSSA the opportunity to strengthen agreements and strategic partnerships with international institutions specialized in insurance, social security and pension.

“We plan to go above and beyond in terms of strategic partnerships and to increase our participation in various projects in technology, digital transformation, research, data and statistics, investment services and others, alongside of course our regular existence in insurance, pension and social security. Our ultimate goal is to save time and effort for all our stakeholders, through offering seamless, proactive and friendly-user services, and with all our 2023 plans in place, God willing, we will achieve just that,” she concluded.