Dubai Committee for the Federal National Council Elections Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Committee for the Federal National Council (FNC) Elections, operating under the National Elections Committee, has announced its full preparedness to receive applications for candidacy between August 15 and 18 for the upcoming 2023 FNC elections.

During a meeting held on Monday, the Committee said that it will be facilitating in-person candidate registrations at the Hatta Hall in the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) for the fifth FNC elections for those who are unable to complete their registration remotely through its online channels.

Essa Mohammed Khalifa Al Mutaiwei, Chairperson of the Dubai Committee for the 2023 Federal National Council Elections, said he expects a high number of candidates to contest for the 2023 elections. He noted that a key factor driving this increased interest is the heightened awareness of the importance of participating in the electoral process. This active involvement stands as a crucial pillar in achieving societal growth and fulfilling the aspirations of the Emirati community, he said. The chairperson also underscored the noteworthy presence of the youth demographic, constituting half of Dubai’s electoral list.

Al Mutaiwei added that the total electorate count in Dubai has reached 73,574 individuals, of which females account for 55 per cent. Among this group, 46 per cent are below the age of 40, while 38 per cent fall within the age range of 40 to 60. Individuals aged 60 and above make up the remaining 16 per cent of this diverse demographic.

“The Dubai World Trade Centre’s Hatta Hall, serving as the headquarters of the Dubai Committee for the FNC Elections, will be open to welcome prospective candidates for the 2023 FNC elections. This arrangement is designed for individuals who are unable to register via the electronic registration platform on the Committee’s website or through its smart application. The venue at DWTC will be open from 8am to 3pm over the four-day period,” he said.

The chairperson emphasised that the Committee has taken measures to facilitate a seamless and convenient experience for those who wish to register as candidates. These measures include complimentary parking facilities and directional signage both within and outside the headquarters. Furthermore, a trained executive team will be present to welcome, guide and address all inquiries of members of the electorate. Assistance will be available not only at the Committee’s headquarters but also through via phone (043064746) or email at info@election2023.dubai.ae.

Al Mutaiwei urged all members of the electorate to activate their digital identity accounts and ensure their names are listed on the National Elections Committee’s website before proceeding to the Committee’s headquarters or submitting candidacy applications online. He emphasised the importance of complete adherence to the executive directives outlined by the National Elections Committee.

Role and responsibility

The Dubai Committee for the FNC Elections is dedicated to ensuring an efficient electoral process by supervising the election proceedings, endorsing the establishment of sub-committees and clearly defining their roles and responsibilities. The Committee also plays a crucial role in raising awareness about the elections and formulating comprehensive guidelines that govern the execution of the electoral process.

The Dubai Committee for the FNC Elections undertakes various responsibilities to facilitate the electoral process, including facilitating the availability of necessary forms for the electoral procedures, collaborating with the Dubai Municipality to designate locations for electoral advertising by candidates, suggesting suitable venues for the polling station committees in coordination with the Election Management Committee, identifying venues for seminars and meetings organised by candidates, ensuring adherence to electoral campaign regulations within the emirate, and promptly reporting any violations or observations to the Election Management Committee. Additionally, the Committee receives the finalised list of the electorate from the National Elections Committee and provides it to candidates upon request.