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A Dh7,00 donation can help educate a Palestinian child residing in the UAE for a year Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF) in Sharjah has announced its ‘I’m Human’ Zakat campaign for 2024 to collect funds for families and children stuck in Gaza.

The campaign’s slogan, ‘I’m human’, emphasises the core values that define humanity: empathy for others, responsibility towards them, positively impacting society, and extending help to those in need who face extraordinary circumstances. This slogan also serves as a reminder to every individual that humanity is not just a trait but an identity earned through actions and courageous stances towards others’ needs and their right to a dignified life.

Drawing from Ramadan’s spirit of empathy for fellow human beings who face unimaginable hardship, this campaign is designed to deliver immediate and impactful relief to displaced families and students in Gaza and Sudan by providing food aid, temporary shelter, and student scholarships.

Temprary shelter for Dh500 donation

Through an Dh100 donation, one can feed a family of five Palestinians who are besieged by the devastating Israeli war on Gaza and are cut off from sources of basic sustenance or a displaced family of 5 in Sudan. An Dh500 contribution puts a temporary roof over the heads of a five-member family in Gaza or Sudan, while an Dh7,000 zakat means a child from a low income family residing in the UAE goes to school under The Big Heart Educational Centre (TBHEC) in Sharjah, for a whole academic year.

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Human spirit

Mariam Al Hammadi, Director General of TBHF, said: “As an organisation dedicated to empowering under-resourced families and communities worldwide, TBHF has proudly served as the link between compassionate and socially minded individuals and entities and victims of crises for a decade. Our Zakat campaigns, celebrating the charitable spirit of Ramadan, have stood as a strong testament to the undulating empathy and human spirit of the UAE and the world.”

She added: “The slogan ‘I’m human’ embodies our shared identity and collective responsibility, illustrating that no one is too distant or isolated from what happens in this universe, and no one is exempt from their duties. Humanity can change difficult circumstances and put an end to this unprecedented human suffering in our region, especially in Gaza and Sudan, where people suffer from the lack of basic life necessities. Therefore, there is no small contribution, and every act of kindness, no matter how simple.

How to donate

TBHF has activated various donation channels, including SMS and online donations, as well as through Yalla Give. To join this powerful global community movement designed by TBHF, visit