Dubai: The public transport services of Dubai were rated higher than 14 other established metropolises around the world, according to a scientific study commissioned by Simon-Kucher and Partners Co. The study surveyed transport characteristics such as quality, durability, safety, speed, luxury, cleanliness and on-time journeys.

Dubai mass transit systems also stood out in terms of the availability of passenger information and modern technologies such as smart apps enabling public transport users to pre-plan their journeys in order to get to their respective destinations in smoothly, safely and quickly.

Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), said the the study proved the superiority of Dubai city over established metropolises, some of which started developing their public transport systems more than a century ago.

“The massive investments injected by the Dubai Government in the transport infrastructure have proved both successful and effective. The spiralling growth of public transport ridership illustrates the evolution of the culture and attitudes towards using public transport by various spectrums of the community,” he said.

The RTA, he added, has taken quick and solid steps towards fulfilling the objectives it set since inception, namely, the provision of an integrated roads and transport system that ensures smooth traffic flow, provides highest safety levels to all users, and realises the multi-modal integration of public transport in the Emirate of Dubai.