Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in coordination with the with its branches carried out more 6687 inspection campaigns in 2016 to put an end to the phenomenon of abandoned vehicles in Abu Dhabi Island, the Mainland, suburbs and cities falling within the environs of the Municipality. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Municipality confiscated more than 1,200 abandoned vehicles in the capital and issued almost 5,000 warnings to motorists and 102 fines in 2016.

The civic body, in coordination with its branches, carried out more than 6,687 inspection campaigns in 2016 to put an end to motorists abandoning their vehicles in areas that fall within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

The abandoned vehicle campaigns covered all sectors and zones in Abu Dhabi city, including Bani Yas West, Bani Yas East, Shakhbout City, Shamkha, Shawamekh, Musaffah, Al Fallah, Bahia, Al Sadr, Shalila, Shahama, Samha, Rahba and Musaffah Industrial Area.

Under Law No (2) for 2012, a fine of Dh3,000 is imposed, and once the offender reports to the municipality, a settlement is offered, including the payment of 50 per cent of the fine. However, should the same offence recur, the fine will be doubled and daily impounding fees will apply, depending on the type of vehicle and the area from where the vehicle was confiscated.

All notifications affixed on abandoned vehicles will be followed up and their owners will be asked to remove or clean their vehicles as per a time-bound plan. Otherwise the vehicles will be towed away to the impounding area, where legal action will be taken according to the governing laws.

The new amendment to the law includes changing the grace period of issuing the warning to three days instead of 14 days.

After the three-day grace period, the inspector will notify the car towing company to remove the deserted vehicles that mar the general appearance of the city.

The law applies to all abandoned vehicles, trailers and boats.

All impounded automobiles and boats are towed to the confiscation area in Al Wathba.

The municipality highlighted the importance of voluntary commitment to avoid leaving vehicles in public places for extended periods and warned that abandoned vehicles will be towed to the impounding facility after the grace period.

This inspection campaign reflects the commitment of the municipality to keep the city clean, improve its general appearance, enhance safety and security, and reduce pollution.

It also comes in line with the commitment to disseminate environmental awareness among community members and enhance their role in preserving the environment.