Maysam Balshah called Sharjah Police asking for help because her vehicle caught fire while she was driving on Emirates Road. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: A Lebanese woman thanked Sharjah Police for sending her a team of police and civil defence personnel and an ambulance within five minutes after she called them for help when her car caught fire on the Emirates Road.

Maysam Faris Baraka told Gulf News that she was heading from Ajman to her work in Dubai via Emirates Road when her car broke down. “My nerves collapsed after the smoke spread inside and I stopped the vehicle with difficulty. I could not see anything in front of me would have been a danger to my life if the police and civil defence had not attended immediately.”

Sharjah Police told Gulf News that the incident occurred on January 3 at around 9.40am when the police operation room received a call from the woman asking for help.

“I saw smoke coming out from inside my car and hardly managed to stop it on the road and called Sharjah Police,” Maysam said. “I was driving on the fast lane when the car broke down. Police asked me if there were any injuries …and then calmed me down.”

In record time, Sharjah Police dispatched a team of police officers and civil defence personnel led by first policeman Saif Al Naqbi to the location of the incident. They also sent an ambulance.

“I will not forget what they told me when they arrived. They calmed me down and said, ‘Do not be afraid, you are in your home country’.”

She told them that her friend would come to picked her up, but it would take time. The police officer then took her to Al Suyoh police station, brought her a cup of Karak tea and completed necessary formalities, she added.

The car was then towed away by the recovery vehicle.

Maysam said, “Whoever does not thank people does not thank God. Thank you, Sharjah Police, Thank you Sharjah Civil Defence for the safety and secuirty you provide in the country.”