Shaikh Mohammad with delegates after touring the Dubai Police Forensic Science and Criminology Laboratory. Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: International forensic experts from various countries praised the quality and resources at the new Dubai Police Forensic Science and Criminology Laboratory, after touring the facility, which was inaugurated on Wednesday.

Catherine M. Knutson, deputy superintendent at Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, told Gulf News, “It is difficult not to be impressed by the facility. From the US perspective, the thing that impressed me the most was the integration between not just science and [its] application to law, but also [between] the training and research components.”

She added, “I think this bodes well for the future of this laboratory as they continue with their search for accreditations.”

Dr Micheal Wysocki, academic lead at the School of Forensic and Applied Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire, UK, said, “I think it [the laboratory] is very impressive. I like the combination of the three different elements: operations, training and research, all working together in one unit, and I think this has got to be the best forensics laboratory in the world currently because it is new and they have tried to think of everything — so congratulations.”

He added that they are in negotiations to have some training collaborations between their university and Dubai Police. “This could well be the [forensics] hub for the whole Gulf coast states in the future.”

Professor Dr Chung Hee Sun, president of the International Association of Forensics Toxicologists and Dean of the Graduate School of Analytical Science and Technology at Chungnam National University, South Korea, said, “I am much impressed by the facility, I think it is one of the best. In Korea, we built a new building just two years ago, but still, I think here it is very well-planned.”

Dr Jose Almirall, professor of chemistry and director of International Forensic Research Institute at the Florida International University, US, said, “We have some ongoing collaborations with the Dubai Police already, and I think this will make it easier in the future. I would agree with my colleagues that this is the best forensics laboratory that I have ever been in. We look forward to working with Dubai Police in the future.”

Jeremy Triplett, president elect of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, said, “It is a wonderful facility, it is beautiful. I am most impressed with the trouble the lab has taken to plan for the future. You see a lot of space that is available for the lab to grow and hire more staff.”

He said that with laboratories he had seen before, they plan for where they are and, within a year or two, they outgrow their lab, “I am extraordinarily impressed that they thought into the future and are already planning and are ready to grow and add more staff.”

Dr Fuad Tarbah, senior forensic toxicologist and director of Training, Research and Development Department at Dubai Police’s Forensics Science and Criminology Department, said, “These organisations’ attendance proves Dubai Police’s capability to cope with this scientific achievement and build bridges to collaborate with these universities and organisations.”