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The existing passports and ID cards will be replaced gradually. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality (ICA) has slammed the rumours being circulated on social media about the intended design of the Emirati passport, which is claimed to be in the form of an electronic card.

The ICA noted that the second generation of approved passports will be documents developed from the previous version and will follow the highest protection standards with more advanced security features. “The issuance processes will start soon,” it added.

The authority called on the public not to be misled by such rumours and to obtain the true information from the authority’s website and its official, trusted platforms on social media.

Earlier this week, the UAE Cabinet approved the new designs for Emirati passports and national identity cards. The newly designed passport and ID carry new digital codes that contain the highest international security standards. The existing passports and ID cards will be replaced gradually.

The codes encrypted in passports are considered the most important security feature that helps verify passports when people travel, making the UAE the first Arab country to implement this type of digital upgrade of passport code. This enhances the security and trust of UAE passports globally.

The enhanced passport security features also facilitate citizens when going through airports and international ports across the world.