Omar Al Felasi (L) from Al Ameen Service and Mohammed Abdullah from DIAC signing the agreement Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Al Ameen Service of the State Security Department in Dubai has signed an agreement with Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park to hold a series of activities to increase awareness among students about their part in securing society.

Omar Al Felasi, General Supervisor of Al Ameen Service, said the activities aim to focus on university students by explaining the important role of students in ensuring the country’s security.

“The university students are the cornerstone of the future as they are about to move to the job market and start their lives. We will organise awareness lectures to educate them about their important role in securing the society,” he added.

The activities will boost the students’ security sense to contribute to protect society from any suspicious behaviours. “The MoU [Memorandum of Understanding] is in line with the service’s role to increase the security awareness for youth to enhance Dubai’s position as one of the safest cities,” said Al Felasi.

Direct channel

The service aims at resolving problems faced by tourists and residents in Dubai, providing them with a direct and confidential channel of communication.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Abdullah, Managing Director of Dubai International Academic City, said that cooperating with the service will help students learn how to face future challenges.

“Youth are the future and by working with Al Ameen Service, we provide social guidance for them as well as academic guidance. It is important to strengthen their characters and so they can be confident in taking the right decisions,” Abdullah added.

How to avail Al Ameen Service

Al Ameen Service is available round the clock through different channels.

The public can access Al Ameen Service through social maedia on @alameenservice, as well as through the toll-free number 8004444 or by sending an SMS to 4444. Additionally, the service has an app for smartphones.

This service has provided safe and confidential communication channels to community members in Dubai since its launch in 2003.