Marriage WEdding day
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Dubai: Muslim weddings will now be able to take place online, right from the registration of the marriage contract down to the recital of the Quran.

The UAE Ministry of Justice announced that it has started to provide remote marriage contracts to allow weddings to continue while still carrying out precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

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The online wedding service, which also aims to protects the health and safety of employees in the federal court, was activated on April 12.

“The service includes a remote marriage contract, where the authority can communication with the couple and the guardian at one time, and the finalisation of the marriage contract without the need for all parties to take place, in order to avoid contact and ensure social distancing by all concerned members,” said the ministry, who was quoted by the news agency WAM.

How to get a remote marriage contract

The service can be accessed by:

1. Logging on to the website of the Ministry of Justice

2. Clicking on the e-services option

3. Choose the e-Systems function

4. Click on the e-Zawaj System, which has the icon of two wedding rings

Once all the required information is submitted, the couple then have to book an appointment with the Ministry of Justice, who will then appoint an imam to recite the Quran via a video conference.

After the authorised parties confirm their date, it is essential that all fees are paid online and the contract is signed electronically, which will then be sent via email to the Sharia court.

The court will verify all the information, ratify the marriage contract, and send it to the couple directly to their mobile phones.