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Two factories and two stores were shut down by authorites in Ajman for making unlicensed medical masks using substandard products in non-compliant facilities in Ajman Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: Authorities here on Sunday shut down two unlicensed factories and two stores for making and selling unlicensed medical masks.

The masks produced by the unlicensed premises did not meet UAE-approved specifications and standards.

fake masks
Substandard masks produced in Ajman Image Credit: Supplied

Ahmed Khair Al Bloushi, Director of the Supervision and Consumer Protection Department, said that illegal activity of making the counterfeit medical masks was discovered during random inspections by a team from the Economic Development Department over the past 10  days.

Al Bloushi said inspectors found that the masks were made from used clothes, including baby garments and school uniform. Due to the current situation and the spike demand for the purchase of masks by consumers, the greedy men were led to this illegal activity only to gain illicit profit.

The men were referred to public prosecution for further action.

The gang of fake mask makers turned an upstairs floor as factory to conduct their counterfeiting operations.

The area was so small and five workers sitting next to each other, keeping no safe distance between them.

The unlicensed premises were closed and the masks were seized by the Department of Control and Consumer Protection.

Al Bloushi said that their inspectors are working round the clock to combat such activities.

The department said people should only buy masks from pharmacies to ensure they meet the prescribed national standards. People are urged not to buy masks that do not include manufacturing details on the label, in order to protect themselves from commercial fraud.

the department carried out 1,890 inspection campaigns. In the various regions of the Emirate of Ajman to find out violators related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Inspectors found 90 establishments violated authorities regulations including:

  • Price gouging for vegetables (illegal increase in vegetable prices)
  • Offering delivery services without permits
  • Failure to observe gatherings of domestic workers in offices
  • Offering goods or providing services outside the shops without a permit
  • conducting economic activity without a license or permit."

“The inspection campaigns also included closures of 36 non-compliant establishments, including hypermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, barber shops, gyms, billiard clubs, foodstuff shops, fruit and vegetable trading stores and others."

A total of 430 complaints were recieved by hotline of Ajman Government Communication Center.


The Department of Economic Development calls on the public to call 80070 to report any violations.